Aurora Avenue North Improvements Project "Bright Dawn"
2017-2019, Seattle, WA

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin
Engineer: SDOT
Sponsored by the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

Recognition:  2019 “Five-in-Five,” Public Art Network (PAN) Conference, Minneapolis, MN
2019 “Exploring the Impact... artists in the Field of Transportation,“ PAN Conference, Minneapolis, MN 
Awards:  2020 CODAawards Top 100

Inspired by the sunrise, this project adds color and pattern to an aging pedestrian bridge, transforming it into a community landmark gateway. Hundreds of translucent colorful fins transition through the hues of the sunrise across the span of the bridge. The four foot tall and six and half inch wide fins sit on the outside of and attach to the railings. The fins elevate the bridge into a unique art experience for both the cars traveling under and the pedestrians above. The colors on the translucent fins will shift and blend as the viewer moves through the site, creating a dynamic experience. The bridge’s columns and stair hold colorful painted graphic, connecting the artwork directly to the site.

“I am the studio manager at Corepower Yoga, right under the foot bridge. I am writing to thank you for the amazing Art you installed on the bridge. The color you have brought to this otherwise dismal area is jaw dropping. You have brought us so much joy. Thank you!”
– Jessica, Manager, Corepower Yoga, Seattle

“I frequently pass over the Aurora bridge you designed this past year. I want to personally thank you for the idea and the joyful experience you provide me each time I pass over and through this work.”
– Stephanie, Aurora Licton Resident

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