Kinston Trash Trucks
2017, Kinston, NC

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin
Manager: Adam Short
Sponsored by the City of Kinston

The Artwork for the Kinston Trash Trucks uses the ideas of responsible waste management and recycling as frames for seeing and maintaining the beauty of the City. This is expressed with three Themes: The Neuse River, Civic Sculptures and Local Recreation. Each Truck carries its own Theme. Truck 1 features the Neuse River in both Autumn and Spring with a message about the City’s award-winning water. Truck 2 features the Music Park and the “Flue” sculpture with a message about the City’s recycling program. Truck 3 features the Water Park and Grainger Stadium with a message about the City’s LED streetlights. Each truck is different, but cohesive with the group. The frames are built out of images of commonly recycled objects: paper, plastic and glass. These frames are conceptual picture frames, like the gold frames found around classical paintings.

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PDF Download book: Kinston SmART Vision Plan

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