375 East & West Outer Loop
2011-2014, El Paso, TX

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin
Engineer: TxDOT
Sponsored by TxDOT, CRRMA & the City of El Paso, TX 

The Outer Loop traverses the Franklin Mountains linking East and West El Paso around the perimeter of the City. The new construction creates a central spine flanked on both sides by one-way frontage roads that lead into neighborhoods and businesses. The work is a sequential ribbon of faceted and undulating pattern motifs based on geometric mountain faceting and the local diamond back rattler. There are approximately nine interchanges along this route. The project features 2" relief that responds to light conditions and enhances the experience of travel and destination marking neighborhood entries. There are over 400,000 sq.ft. of patterned MSE walls linking this project together, promoting mobility and place making.

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