“Uplift” North 12 Street Gateway
2021-2022, Sacramento, CA

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin
Fabricator: JunoWorks
Engineer: CRAFT | Engineering Studio
Sponsored by the City of Sacramento, Sacramento Office of Arts + Culture, Art in Public Places Program 

“Uplift” symbolizes a positive transformational change, implying metamorphosis and renewal of spirit. This project includes two 36.5-foot-tall sculptures flanking either side of Richards Boulevard at N 12th St., in Sacramento, CA. Each sculpture is created by two intersecting wing shapes, more than 11 feet wide, which form a self-supporting structural core. These metal sculptures sit on a six-foot square metal clad concrete base. Our work symbolically frames the city, with the arcs of the wings suggesting a view portal to the City of Sacramento and to the River District, with a shift of position. This gateway sculpture, on the scale of the site, can be viewed and appreciated from multiple locations, fostering multiple framing opportunities of the City and the River District. Made from pattern-cut weathering steel, these two sculptures feature a butterfly inspired theme and are illuminated at night by LED lighting. This project creates a northern gateway to Sacramento and landmark beacons for the newly redeveloping River District.

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