Tezel Road from Timber Path to Guilbeau Road
2014-2017, San Antonio, TX

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Bender Wells Clark Design
Sponsored by Public Art San Antonio

This concept addresses the northern segment of the Tezel Road streetscape project, from Timber Path to Guilbeau Road. Six, twelve-foot wide, medians define the character of this stretch of road. As the dominant expression in the road, they provide the perfect opportunity for creating neighborhood identity. Vertical Axis Wind Turbines with their own photovoltaic solar energy panels provide a sustainable, sculptural solution to creating lighted beacons along the road. Each turbine generates its own power for white LED lighting directed to illuminate the turbine itself.

Currently, the work is in design development.

Conceptual Design: The turbines carry three colors on their blades that become an optical delight as they spin. Custom laser cut, perforated banners will be designed to reflect neighborhood identity. A proposed theme is Texas wildflowers.

Design Development (most recent): The turbines and armatures are solid colors. They feature a 30’ long, custom pattern ribbon. The patterning and color choices are inspired by Texas wildflowers. A specific color and a native flower will be selected for each median promoting community identity.

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