Capital Boulevard Bridges
2017-2021, Raleigh, NC

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin
Engineer: NCDOT
Sponsored by the City of Raleigh

This project creates a memorable gateway to downtown Raleigh by ornamenting two neighboring bridges. The bridges hold cut metal pattern grills across their spans and cut metal “curtains” on their sidewalls. Raleigh’s native oak trees and the nearby Pigeon House Branch Creek inspire the patterning for the cut metal panels. The patterning is lyrical and dramatic with flowing movement that suggests water. This project complements the rich architectural detail of its neighborhood and of downtown Raleigh. Both bridges share a common pattern language, reinforcing Raleigh’s identity. The image sequence creates a tapestry of patterning with only two units. Each bridge also holds medallions, sculpted in 3D and cast in concrete. The metal grills and sidewalls, and the concrete medallions carry abstracted oak leaf imagery. The oak leaf medallions are sculpted to provide 3D relief and to read in bright sun or shadow. At night, lighting will transform both the grills and the sidewalls into identity beacons.

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