I-244 Route 66 Pedestrian Bridge
2010-2018, Tulsa, OK

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin
Engineer: Garver
Sponsored by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation 

This 1500' long pedestrian walkway crosses the Arkansas River along Historic Route 66. It features Art Deco inspired pattern panels sequenced to add color and movement to the walkway, while recalling the Art Deco ornamentation found in downtown Tulsa. The walkway features 20 names of cities located along Route 66, from its beginning in Chicago to its ending in Santa Monica. LED lighting, in segments of blue and white lighting strips, sequence across the bridge. On the highway above, 20’ tall light column wraps, fabricated in perforated metal, create a graceful reference to Art Deco ornamentation on the highway bridge structure.

The eastbound bridge includes a 325’ long, 18’ wide walkway that terminates in a balcony overlooking the historic Cyrus Avery Bridge and the Arkansas River. This walkway includes Art Deco inspired panels similar to the Westbound Bridge, column wraps, light pole wraps, painted arches with quotes about Oklahoma’s “Mother Road,” five ornaments featuring historic imagery along Route 66 in Tulsa, and three benches by Colin Selig.

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