Arlington Boulevard
2004-2014, Arlington County, VA

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin
Engineer: AECOM Transportation
Sponsored by Arlington County

Awards:  2015 Design Arlington Merit Award
2015 CODAawards Top 100
“Honor Awardee” 2014-2015 ACEC/MW Engineering Excellence Awards

The native redbud trees that once inhabited the site, now displaced by the highway project, inspire the work. Their heart-shaped leaf patterns and their seed pods add form and texture to concrete MSE walls and to two city entryway bridges at Courthouse Road and 10th Street. The leaf patterns were developed as sculptural forms with intricate detail and veining. They drape the retaining walls along the site, adding scale while softening the impact of the infrastructure on the once wooded site. Bridge spans are enhanced with laser-cut leaf patterned grills fabricated in weathering steel. These are LED back illuminated with programmable color, reflecting sky tones, transitioning hues over a fifteen-minute loop, to provide interest, movement and memorable landmarks at the entries to Arlington.

“ Your work in Arlington is beautiful. Thank you. It's a soothing tonic in what can only otherwise be called a grueling and thankless commute home—until now. It just made me smile when I saw it. This is what public art should do.” 
– Arlington Citizen

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