Key Arena, Seattle Center
1993-1995, Seattle, WA

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with NBBJ: Rick Zieve
Sponsored by Mayor's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs and The Seattle Center

The Mayor's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs' (formerly SAC) biggest percent for Art Project at that time. The Artist's scope of work included Public Art Planning and Design Team participation for the Key Arena renovation project. The Art Plan, "Light in Site," focused on electronic light and sound media. Two commissions were awarded to the artists Trimpin with Clark Wiegman and Sheldon Brown. Vicki Scuri created "Play Ray Plaza" transforming 40,000 square feet of proposed blacktop into a colorful geometric pattern. The plaza derives its geometry from the sight lines of the arena. The sycamore trees lining the plaza inspired the concrete color. The gold, orange and black plaza creates a welcoming gesture, visible from three blocks away, marking the West Entry to Seattle Center and the Arena. Embraced by the Team, Client and the Sonics; the plaza colors inspired the interior color scheme and the then new 1995 Sonics uniform.

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