Boren Avenue Parking Garage
1989-1990, Seattle, WA

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Elaine de Latourelle Architects and Abam Engineers
Sponsored by 4Culture

This project features a four hundred car garage; sited adjacent to the Hilltop Retirement Home. The artwork incorporates tire tread formliners to enhance the parking garage, creating scale and relief, while referencing the automobile culture and creating cross-cultural references to the Yucatan's indigenous populations. Curiously, tire tread patterning resembles stone carvings of the Maya Palace of Columns. Women carvers derived their stone patterning from basket weave patterns and natural structures. Tire tread patterns share similar motifs and geometries. Relief is 1.25". Concrete is cast-in-place and precast. Wall heights extend to 40'.

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